We tailer service packages per clients on a monthly basis. We see what works for you and what doesn't to make sure your brand is always growing.


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Public Relations

Press Release Distribution

Media Outreach

Media Training

Press Kit Development

Expert Profiling

We believe in a holistic and fully integrated approach to PR. By combining our range of traditional, digital and experiential techniques, we're able to leverage your story and earn millions of consumer impressions.
Using competitive analysis and research & development, we will identify the key selling points of your product and establish your brand voice, ultimately creating a unified communication strategy across platforms that will generate targeted PR opportunities. That's us: opportunity hunters.

As A PR Agency in El Paso, our location in Downtown and our years of building relationships, give our clients a competitive advantage.

Social Media


Content Development

 Influencer Collaborations

Influencer Outreach

Analytics & Monitoring

Online visibility is essential in today’s consumer landscape, and Perfecto PR will amplify your brand through a strategic multi-pronged digital campaign.

We will conceptualize and implement your social media strategy on all platforms (including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat to name a few) so that it is consistent and in line with your PR strategy. Typically, this will include content creation, blogger outreach and blogger seeding, and collaborations with social media influencers.

We will get your product in the hands of relevant bloggers, influencers, and high-profile content creators to increase your web presence, consumer awareness and engagement, and drive traffic back to your brand.

Not only do we create and manage content, but Perfecto PR will also run detailed reports on your digital campaign to understand your demographics, and identify which social initiatives are achieving the best results. Through these analytics, we will maximize those efforts that are making the biggest impact, allowing us to increase organic visits to your page through social media, digital coverage, and search engine results.


Logo Design

Brand Story

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Style Guide

At Perfecto we start with the brand strategy. But when working through a brand design, we also will conduct a purpose-designed work session to review brand identities, in your category and outside of it.

Do you like the way Nike goes to market or Adidas? Mercedes-Benz or Audi? Apple or Microsoft? This discussion will provide meaningful insight that will help to assess your sensibilities, ensuring that we deliver a brand design that not only is on strategy but that feels right for you.

We start with the logo design and flesh out the full brand identity – including graphic elements, imagery style, and more, and capture it in a style guide that defines the rules for how to use it all in your brand activation.


Event Creation

Logistical Planning

Content Creation

RSVP Management


Our team has been behind-the-scenes of some of the biggest PR events in El Paso, Las Cruces, and beyond.

From runway shows to pop-up store openings and press days to consumer-facing stunts, we handle all aspects of event creation, planning and production to generate maximum visibility and press exposure for your brand.

We conceptualize and execute head-turning events for our range of fashion & lifestyle clients.

With event planning and production, our goal is to create a branded experience that tells the story of your brand or collection in a unique way that will excite the regional media, national media and your local community.

Perfecto handles all of the event details from securing the right venue, curating the guest list, planning the décor, menu, entertainment and gift bags, securing sponsorship, wrangling VIPs, booking red carpet and photography, and facilitating all front of house duties on the day of the event.


FB & IG Ad Management

Content Marketing

Website Building

PPC Management

Analysis & Reporting

Great PR has always been about developing and telling the most compelling stories, and in today's digital marketplace, content marketing is more important than ever.

At Perfecto, our goal is to optimize your online presence so that your brand is coming up above and beyond your competitors.

We will identify digital opportunities that will help you reach your target audience and enhance your search engine relevance using strategically placed blog posts, bylined articles, videos, images, and other media. Afterall, PR was the original SEO: good press coverage = great backlinks.

Our services include: Facebook Ads, Google and Bing pay-per-click Advertising, content creation, and organic search engine optimization, all with analytics & monitoring at the core.

Google's algorithms are always evolving to better reward good quality content and original material: precisely what we deliver. The best online marketing is consistent with the broader communication strategy, and that's why we ensure SEO & PR go hand-in-hand.